Welcome Our New Program Director Assistant and Administrator


I love that Alexis and Donna are sitting under this sign in our prayer room.  These two sisters are blessed answers to prayer. They both have been with Refuge from early on…Alexis as a weekend staff member and Donna as Admin.  Refuge grew strong because of them!  Each of them wanted to grow in leadership and impact within Refuge and just a few months ago 2 positions opened up in our local site that excited both of them (and us for the ease of transition!)  Donna is now our Program Director Assistant, in the house working alongside Nina to bring safety, healing, stability and programming to our residents. Alexis is now our Administrative Assistant working alongside Karen to bring organization and leadership to our local site.  She also serves in the house once a week for program director assistant support. Please celebrate these ladies and this new season with us.

November Prayer Verses & Devotional

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May the Lord reward your work, and your wages be full from the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to seek refuge. (Ruth 2:12)


Boaz spoke these words of blessing to Ruth, the Moabite who was gleaning in his fields to support herself and her mother-in-law Naomi, both widowed and who had returned to live among God’s people in the midst of poverty, sorrow and great loss. God answered this prayer for Ruth beyond her wildest dreams.  Not only did Boaz become her kinsmen-redeemer bearing the cost of restoring Naomi’s lost estate but he took the widowed Ruth to be his wife honoring God’s heart for the broken in need of rescue. Through their line, eventually came king David and then our Lord Jesus! Ruth who was from a nation that was God’s enemy was grafted into His family.  Boaz was a type of Christ. The gospel message lived out in real people’s lives for a witness to us.

As believers, we too, being broken and need of rescue have been grafted into God’s family.  Jesus is the true and ultimate Kinsmen-Redeemer. We who were His enemies by nature have become His bride.  We have been given an eternal inheritance through Jesus at great cost to Him. What joy to be the object of God’s hesed love!

Hesed is the Hebrew word for God’s love for His people. It includes His covenant kindness, steadfast, faithful, unfailing, great love. His lovingkindness, mercy, goodness, faithfulness and loyalty.  This BIG love of God is able to take in our painful losses and wrap them in His sure promise of peace and joy that lasts.

Praise the Lord, our Kinsmen-Redeemer who lavishes us with His hesed love and turns our mourning into dancing!


Heavenly Father, thank You for Your gift of hesed love.  We ask Father that all the beloved residents You have brought us will live in this Great Love that is theirs through Jesus.  May you take in each sorrow, each wound, each betrayal, each fear, each bitter tear into Your encompassing love and bring healing, wholeness true lasting joy, peace and hope of renewed life in Your family.  May each precious woman know you as her Kinsmen-Redeemer and live in that secure relationship. Protection from lies and grace, grace, grace!

In Jesus precious, powerful name we pray.

Taken from our November Prayer Newsletter.  If you would like to receive our monthly prayer needs please sign up here: Refuge for Women - Chicago Prayer Requests

What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

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One of our residents is hoping to go on an extended mission trip when she graduates the Refuge program.  She has been busy filling out applications and answering questions regarding where she would like to serve and what is drawing her to want to serve on a mission trip.  One of her applications asked what it means to her to be a Christian.  We love her response!

“For me it means living in full surrender, living, not as my own, but as a vessel for God to use to express His unfailing, reckless love into the world! It means understanding His Word. Knowing it for myself and striving to understand it to the best of my ability through daily reading, reflection, and commentary of more mature believers. It mean falling short every day and knowing that He loves me anyway and that I am saved through His sacrifice and grace. It means loving others more than myself, no matter what my earthly flesh may judge them for. It mean following the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to go and spread His love and offer of salvation to every corner of the earth and experience His presence through fulfilling the needs of the needy. It means that every tiny moment and cranny of my life is known by God and can be used by Him to bring His Glory and promote the advancement of His kingdom.”

~ Resident Oct 2018