How God Has Given Me Grace


Written by a Refuge resident.

God has given me grace when I could have been dead and separated from Him for all eternity, but He was faithful and answered my dying prayer.  I remember telling God that I want to live and desperately wanted to be a mother to my kids. He spoke to me that he is able and willing to save the lost and dying.  Why should I question Him?

God, my loving Father, my deepest desire is that you break my heart for what breaks yours and that you use me, your devoted daughter, a willing heart to serve you in your kingdom building.  My whole life is living proof of God’s grace.  I giggle at the memory of my past life – filled with deep gloom and now I see, feel, and know that my life has been transformed by the spirit of grace.  Thank you loving Father, for your unfailing love for me. I used to be a nobody, but now I am somebody.  I am a daughter made by the father of grace.