What Our Residents Are Learning

We love witnessing the transformation that happens in the lives of our residents during their time with us. It's a joy to see them begin to have new perspectives on a variety of different things.  Here's a peak into some of what they are currently learning...

During a class on what healthy relationships look like and what appropriate intimacy boundaries are, one of our residents positively expressed: 

Quote 1.png

She is learning that her former way of approaching relationships and what she expected from them has not worked and is excitedly ready to apply all she is learning while in our program.

During another teaching session where we were learning about the dangers of comparing ourselves to others and how that can affect our inner joy and how we see ourselves.  One resident admitted that she struggles with this because:


This resident is learning about self esteem and that her true beauty comes from within.

These are great lessons they are learning that they can carry with them when they graduate Refuge For Women.  Our hope is that they are equipped to see themselves as God sees them and to value themselves enough to wait for His best for them.  We often talk about things of value being worth waiting for and that honest, true relationships take time to develop.