The Freedom of the Cross

The women we serve at Refuge have experienced levels of trauma that most of us can only imagine.   Most of our residents suffer from PTSD and experience flashbacks that mentally take them back to their trauma.  In these moments, they are actually reliving the traumatic experience.  When this happens, nature can be very grounding to bring them back to their present reality.  During one of these difficult moments one of our residents recently went into the backyard to process.  Making these little crosses out of twigs and a long, thin piece of grass helped to bring her back to the here and now and remember that she was in a safe place.  


These crosses are a symbol of the freedom our residents are now experiencing at Refuge:    

Free from the control of another human being

Free from physical abuse

Free from emotional abuse

Free to make their own decisions

Free to pursue their dreams

Our residents are also learning the truth of Jesus Christ and the freedom of the cross.  They are beginning to experience true healing and freedom as they come to know the great love our Father has lavished on us.  As they come to know Jesus as their own personal Lord and Savior, they will not just be physically free, but spiritually set free.