Highlights From Our Spring Event

Our Spring Fundraiser event was held at the beautiful Boulder Ridge Country club this year.  Our evening began with a silent auction with a wide variety of items available for bidding.

Each table had a beautiful centerpiece created by a wonderful team of volunteers and helped us to capture the theme of our evening “Freedom…Living a New Story.”  Each table also had a handmade card created by our residents saying thank you for helping them live out a new story.

After dinner we enjoyed a performance by our special guest, Julianna Zobrist, who sang two of her songs and brought us a wonderful message about seeking our identity in Christ rather than the world around us.  

We then heard from the Chicago City Director, Karen Schultz, who had a great message on how a women might come to find herself in a situation where she needs to come to Refuge For Women.  Karen said, “No little girl dreams of growing up to sell her body to make money.  Something terrible has happened to her along the way that has set her on a trajectory to trauma.  She needs help to write a new story...to even think about a new story.”  The residents at the Refuge house are still in the healing phase and were unable to attend the event, but we heard from one of them in this beautifully written piece explaining what her life was like before coming to Refuge and what her life is like now that she is part of our program. 

Once upon a time…

My life was indescribable and unimaginable.

Try to imagine the most horrific, scary movie kind of nightmare.

The kind you can’t wake up from because you are so lost and feel so unloved and forgotten.

The most heinous Ground Hog Day ever.

Now I feel like sleeping beauty.

Awakened by the gentle love of the RFW family and God.

Now the past is just that – a nightmare I don’t ever have to have again.

I am found, loved, and more precious than rubies and gold.

The Lord has found beauty in what was once the ashes of my soul

and I thank the amazing women of RFW and my Heavenly Father the Great I Am!


Refuge For Women would like to thank all those who attended and all of the volunteers that made this event a success!