Listening to His Promptings


One of the things we try to instill in our residents is the value of serving and blessing others.  We encourage them not to become so focused on themselves and their own needs that they miss the needs of others right in front of them.  

Last week our residents were treated to a lunch at a local restaurant.  During our lunch, we were incredibly blessed to witness just how much they have grown and are in tune to the needs of others around them.  At the restaurant, we were served by a wonderful waiter.  He was very friendly and his smile was genuine each time he came to our table to bring our food, refill our drinks, bring extra napkins, or a side of something extra we had requested.  We were particularly impressed that he waited to deliver something we had requested and allowed us to finish our blessing of the food before we ate before setting it down.  He could have chosen to set it down as we prayed and walk away, but he patiently waited for us to finish and then set down the requested item.  

We had a good meal and a great time of fellowship.  As the meal was finishing up, one of our residents suggested that we start praying for the waiters when we are at a sit down restaurant.  She shared that she felt prompted to pray for our waiter.  One of our staff members shared that she was feeling that same prompting.  It can be a little intimidating to ask someone you don’t know if you can pray for them, but they chose not to shrink back from fear.  We called the waiter over to our table and asked him if there was anything we could be praying for him.  He then asked us to pray for his daughter who was only 1 year old and was in the beginning stages of leukemia.  We asked him a few questions about his daughter, including her name, so that we could pray specifically for her by name. He seemed touched by the fact that we would be praying for her and for his family.  

As he walked away, I looked around the table and saw the tears in everyone’s eyes.  They had been moved by this encounter.  They recognized the power of what had happened.   This waiter was burdened with something heavy and we believe that was why the Holy Spirit had prompted us to pray for him. We were so proud of our resident for following the prompting she received from the Holy Spirit.  

As we left the restaurant, each one of us was feeling so gratefully full – both physically and spiritually!  Our hearts were full because we heard God’s prompting and He included us in His plans to pass on a blessing.