Why Does a Pimp Steal Your Shoes


Pimps are master manipulators that will use many different tactics to control their victims.  One of our residents shares this experience that she still remembers so vividly.

"We were riding in the car.  I was in the back seat, my pimp was driving and his friend was in the passenger seat.  The atmosphere in the car was frightening.  He was screaming at me and things were beginning to turn physical.  He knew me well and could tell I wanted to run. He was doing his best to avoid any stops or red lights on the drive so I could not have an opportunity to  jump out.  He even threatened to put the child locks on.  Things kept escalating  so he instructed his friend to take my shoes thinking that I couldn't run if I had no shoes.

Eventually, I was able to jump out of the car.  I was scared, alone, crying, and in my bare feet.  I didn't know where to go and had no one to call to help me so I just stood there crying. A woman driving down the street noticed me and pulled over to ask me if I'm ok.  Having learned not to trust people, I told her I was fine and didn't need any help.  She said, "You don't even have any shoes.  Can I at least buy you a pair of shoes?"

Something in that moment made me trust her and I got into her car.  I can still picture the dark gray car with the light interior.  Her hair had curls that framed her face and she had Christian music playing on the radio. She took me to buy a pair of shoes and asked if she could take me somewhere.  I had nowhere to go so I asked her to drop me off at the same place she picked me up.  She told me that she never really took that way home, but for some reason she did that day.  I remember that before I got out of her car, she prayed for me.

I now recognize that was God pursuing me even back then in my pit of darkness. I am so thankful that he continued to pursue me and brought me here to Refuge For Women where I am learning to trust again."