Human Trafficking Is Horrible

January is human trafficking awareness month and we are sharing this reverse poem written by teen abolitionist Annalise Asen. A reverse poem means one thing when read from top to bottom, but the meaning or sentiment changes when you read each line from bottom to top.

Human Trafficking Is Horrible

I've heard all the testimonies, 

but I can hardly believe it.

Other things in my life

are more important than

these oppressed women

It's true

These reasons don't matter. 

It's easy to give up. 

It's simple not to care.


oppression will continue

evil men say

I don't care when

God tells me

"Go to the oppressed.

Go to the needy. 

Find the brokenhearted

Wrap them up in my love." 

It's hard

(Now read from the bottom to the top)