Do You Believe In Miracles?

Do You Believe in Miracles?

We do and because of your support of Refuge for Women Chicago, our new residents do too! 

Each resident arrived with little hope, unable to believe that God or anyone else could love her.  Each felt trapped in lives that offered nothing but exploitation and despair.

UNTIL...They came to Refuge for Women Chicago where they are now experiencing unconditional love, unyielding hope, and unwavering support so that each precious woman can heal and begin again.  

These courageous women have just begun the 9-12 month journey into their new beginning and you are part of their miraculous start.  

Now these women get to: 

  • wake up each morning, experiencing the “new mercies” and “great faithfulness” of God
  • live each day in safety
  • learn healthy rhythms of life
  • move forward in healing
  • walk free from the burdens of her past

Will you make a Christmas season/year end gift today and continue to make miracles happen in the lives of these women and those who will follow?  

You can help us make more miracles like this one:

Help us reach our year-end goal of $25,000!  This amount covers 1 month of operating expenses to support the healing of our residents.  Please visit to make a year-end gift to Refuge For Women.  

Thank you for making a difference!

Peace and Joy to You, 

Karen Schultz

City Director, Refuge for Women Chicago

        P.S.  Please make a donation today and make miracles happen in the life of a trafficked and exploited woman.   Your miracle gift does the following and so much more.


Refuge for women values your financial partnership and appreciates your understanding that categories noted are for descriptive purposes only and are not designated funds.